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12-12-2016, 05:05 PM
Just hit level 10 on scout class, and along they way I have learnt a few things about what weapons to use in certain situations.... Thought I'd give a overview that might help people understand the different sniper rifles and help you pick the right ones for the right situations.

Disclaimer: This contains my personal feelings and opinions alone. I play more aggressive PTFO scout rather than sitting back in my spawn and killing 1 person every 30 shots as such review is biased against dickheads who just sit at the back of the map not helping.

There are 5 rifles that deal 100 damage to the body in 1 shot. Each has a different distance range in which this sweet spot deals 100 damage. I have omitted sniper rifles that don't deal 100 damage as I personally don't think you should consider these weapons.

SMLE MKIII | 40-70m
Russian 1895 | 60-100m
Gewehr 98 | 80-120m
M1903 | 90-150m

Martini Henry | 30-80m

There are 3 variants of each weapon

Sniper - Scope glint makes you a target for all enemy snipers on the map
Marksman - Best all rounder
Infantry - Iron Sights with High ROF


Muzzle velocity - you'll get used to this and adapt to play with each one.
Rate of Fire - I don't think I could count on 1 hand how many times I needed and extra 3RPM rate of fire.
Reload speed - Important for assault.... not slower playing scout. This is negligible stuff

Your decision on what rifle and what variant should be determined by what type of role you want to play.

If you want to be a spawn sniper and not help your team.... go the M1903 Sniper for longest range.

If you want to be an aggressive scout that gets up close and personal while PTFO-ing... go the Martini Henry or SMLE Marksman.

Think about the map you are playing too...

Playing on Argone forrest and Amien will see you fighting in close quarters the majority of the time. Pick a marksman (or infantry) variant of the SMLE MKIII or Russian 1895.

Playing Monte Crappa, Ballroom Blitz or St Quentin Scar sees you fighting over medium distances. Pick the Marksman variant of the Russian 1895 or Gewehr 98.

Playing Sinai Desert, Suez, or Empires Edge (Yes Squish, people play this map) will see much more longer distance fights. Pick the Marksman variant of the Gewehr 98 or M1903.

OR!!! you can do a combination of all 3 and change up each time you spawn depending on your objective. On Sinai Desert for example, I would take a SMLE MKIII trying to capture or defend C flag. Then switch out to the Russian 1895 or Gewehr 98 or M1903 when attacking E, G, A flags on next spawn.


Pick something spammy to finish off enemies after dealing a non lethal body shot (80-90dmg). eg Frommer Stop or M1911 etc.
Avoid Revolvers
Kalibri is funny as fuck

My Go To Personal Choice for Most Situations.
Martini Henry + Frommer Stop.


Always use your spotting flares - So many points. Even pick up dead sniper kits and use theirs before switching back to your kit. Equip your flare gun when picking up an ammo pouch for INSTANT Resupply
Follow your squad to provide support and act as a counter sniper while they take care of other infantry. They will also look after you with ammo and health / revives.
Use your Trip Bombs / K Bullets.
Get on the burn radius.
Impact grenades are good to finish of enemies that have taken a non lethal hit and have retreated to cover.

16-12-2016, 04:24 PM
Very detailed report Trigs, awsome information there! Im a huge fan or Gewehr 98 infantry, Frommer stop/p08 or mars automatic as its reliable to drop someone in close combat.
-Flares are your best friend, helps you clear out stragglers on the flag and placing in door ways or tight alleys enemies will run over and be at that perfect one shot health, if out of the 1 shot range margin.
Glint from your scope happens with anything above x4.00 times magnification.