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16-01-2014, 01:40 PM
These are general ADVANCED rules used in CS comp. I will add other suggestions if they are appropriate

Play The Numbers:
Up A Teammate = Play Passive
Down A Teammate = Play Aggressive

Where are your Crosshairs?
Stick like glue to the corner you are about to walk around?
On the spot you expect enemy to come from?

Play In Tradable/Crossfire Positions:
Make sure that you are set up with your teammates to make and take trades. This means if one of you is getting shot at, another teammate is there to get the kill (ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU PLANT THE BOMB!)

Hide Together or Peek Together:
... or you will die alone.

Change Your Position After Getting A Kill:
...don't give the other team free information as to where you are, ever!

DO NOT Try To Be A Hero:
...wait for teammates to retake sites.

When In Doubt, Keep Your Gun Out:

Don't Peek When You Don't Have To
Playing as T and defending the bomb set? Why would you peek that CT with an AWP?
Playing as CT and round time is getting low? Why would you peek that T with an AWP?

Equipment Buy Order:
Full Armor ► Weapon ► Smoke ► Kit ► Flash(es) ► Nade

To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question

Never Be In A Hurry To Plant:
...A.K.A. clear the site first.

Throw ALL Nades From Safety
...See Rule #7

Ask The Richest Teammate For A Weapon Drop:
...if you cannot afford everything.

DO NOT Buy An M4/AK Second Round:
...unless all other teammates are too. Never buy something second round that you are okay with the other team possibly stealing from you if/when you die.

Don't Die For Nothing
... Get Exit Kills Or Save If You Cannot Win A Round (A.K.A. don't push the site unless you can win).

Pick Your Battles
Don't take on a 1v4 site retake if your team is struggling. Save the weapon you have for the next round when you have help from your team

Do Not Forget Your Mission On An Eco
Terrorists = Get The Plant!
Counter-Terrorists = Get A Gun!

Flash For Teammates And Have Them Flash For You
...and then peek/push.

Watch Your Team's Economy
Let Your Team's Money Situation Dictate Whether You Hunt For Kills or Keep Guns Safe

16-01-2014, 06:37 PM
Nice write up, stickied.

16-01-2014, 07:32 PM
Since this is advanced. I would add one more. If in doubt, Shoulder peek. If you don't know what's down a passage, you can barely peek your shoulder out for an instant. You shouldn't be looking down the passage, and It should be so small a target that an awper or anyone else shouldn't be able to hit it. But they will probably fire. This allows you to find if a corridor/corner is being watched. But isn't a 100 percent firm rule, as some wont try for such a small target.

Overall very good stuff. Advanced or otherwise it's all useful. In the buy order, I would personally buy a p250 is you are a t before, or while you buy armor. But that's my personal hate for the glock-18.