Personal Information
What is your first name: Charlie
What is your primary gaming name: Captain Murphy
What is your age: 28
List the games that you play: BF1, BF4, Dota2, Miscreated (DayZ Clone)
Link to your Battlelog profile:
Link to your Steam profile:

Gaming History
Are you currently a member of another clan: No
Have you been a part of another clan in the past (list them): JAL (old Tribes clan)
Do you have any previous player names: nope
Do you have any past offences: nope
Please tell us about your playing style: Run and gunner medic usually. Enjoy tight squad play with good communication and strategy
Are you interested in participating in competitive Play? If so, list the games you want to compete in: Yes. BF4 or BF1

Do you have a working microphone: yup
Do you have Teamspeak downloaded and installed: yup
Found you through google

Running off script a bit, just looking for a good clan to hit BF1 Hard.
Start next job in 3 months so I have a lot of free time to commit to BF1 and get my play up to a competitive level.