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    Thread: SoV is Closing Shop

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      SoV is Closing Shop

      Hi all,

      It is with a heavy heart that I write this announcement. Due to recent low numbers of member activity, we as the leadership team convened and passed judgement that we can no longer justify the expenses that we incur paying for the teamspeak hosting and website hosting. As such, Sons of Valour shall be ceasing all operations as of this time next week.

      In regards to the remaining funds we hold within the clan treasury, we have agreed on an expenditure burn down operation, which to keep it brief, involves funding the dying of Joel's hair neon pink, purchasing one packet of smarties for every member who has been active on the forums these past few months as thanks, and paying for a night out on the town for us guys who live in Melbourne. Those members who live in Sydney and Brisbane will have to make their own plans and acquire their own funding. You are more than welcome to travel down to hang out with us.

      It has been a great 6 years in this clan, and I will be sad to see it go. If any members wish to keep in touch, I will be creating a new clan called Australasian Special Soldiers. You may see me running around with [ASS] tags, feel free to drop in and say hi.

      Signing off for the last time,

      Edit: this was an april fools joke, pls dont take seriously like some are doing
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