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    Thread: Back after hiatus...need new GPU..old gear tho - need help

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      Back after hiatus...need new GPU..old gear tho - need help

      Hi Peeps,

      So haven't been around for the last few months due to work, travel and GPU shitting itself a while back and me throwing in the towel.

      I hear i'll get NBN in my area in the next month so it's motivated me back to PC gaming starting with a new card. (i was living on 2-3mbs dload speeds so it was a depressing time).

      my dilemma though the rest of my setup is pretty old...built this originally back in 2012 i think. I've since upgraded RAM, PSU and peripherals, but mobo/cpu/case is still original

      Mobo:Gigabyte P55 UD3 DDR3
      CPU- Intel i5 750 (2.67hz i think)
      PSU - ANTEC HCG 750W
      RAM -12GB Gskillz Ripjaw

      Case- Lian Li Lancool PC-K58
      GPU - [GTX560 - dead]

      I'd like to make use of my existing components and avoid a full pc rebuild...but my mobo being as old as it is, limits my options.

      Looking online people seem to say my mobo can support the GTX760,but other places say only up to the 600..which is a little disappointing as i was hoping for a bit of an upgrade to the GPU once my old card died..

      There's also the dilemma of how much life i'll get out of the mobo/cpu before they too need replacing...if i buy a low-end card now due to mobo limitations, then i spec up my other gear and have the opportunity to get a better GPU...not sure if my case may even be big enough for the more powerful cards...

      argh!! anyway thought i'd reach out to y'all who know more in this space than i ever will.

      Budget - $300 or thereabouts .

      * UPDATE - so based on feedback i will go with a new build. Cheers braden/zero/kamaji . *
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