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    Thread: SoV community update for April

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      SoV community update for April

      Dear Clan members,

      Starting this month the Leadership team is going to start to make a monthly update that is going to inform you about what is happening in the Clan. Here we will post any announcements and ask for feedback on some things that we have been planning, but are not yet ready to implement. We would also like to give you all a place where you can give input and ideas, other than by talking directly to a member of the Leadership team.

      What is everyone playing?

      This last month, the most popular games on Teamspeak have been Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Diablo 3. If you are starting to get bored with your go to game, or are just interested in something new, jump on TS and have a chat with someone and see if it's your thing. You will find multiple people playing both games almost every day.

      Member of the month

      We are bringing back member of the month, but with some changes. Firstly the $20 steam gift card will no longer be given out. Instead we will be giving the member of the month a tag on both the forums and in TeamSpeak. We feel that this better acknowledges the members efforts and will also let us give member of the month to the same person if they deserve it without feeling like we are just giving them money constantly. Also, if the leadership team doesn't feel that member of the month is warranted for a given month, it will not be given out.
      This month, we will not be awarding anyone with member of the month, not because no one did anything this month to catch our attention, but due to issues scheduling a leadership meeting that everyone could attend.

      SoV Community Fun Nights

      Over the past few weeks the leadership team has been trying to work out the best way to bring back the community fun nights. We have tried some blind tests that have had moderate success, but we feel that the best option is to bring it to the rest of the community.
      If you have any suggestions for games that you would like to play in a community night, please share them here. We will make a post dedicated to the community nights in the future, and also make a poll in order to find out the most popular games. When making suggestions please include price, max player count and approximate download size as these may be factors in what game end up being chosen.
      The game is not going to be decided completely based on the poll, the Leadership team will take it into account when deciding the game. This is in order to try and avoid some issues that have come up in previous game nights

      Thank you everyone,

      The Leadership Team

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