hi y'all,

mobo has carked it so doing a bit of an upgrade.

received a quote for the below from the tech guy who i took my pc to for repair. , wanted to get your thoughts/recommendations and whether the components seem reasonable or whether there are alternatives.

I'm not after the top-of-the range stuff, would be happy with reasonable. i rarely game much lately (mainly coz PC has been playing up) but would like to be able to game when i want to with reasonable quality.

CPU - i5-8400 (4ghz) -- (does this seem lick overclocked speeds?) - $299 (umart - $289)
Mobo - Gigabyte Z370 HD3 - $189 (Umart quoted $179
RAM - Gskillz 8GB DDR4 - $139
OS - Win10 pro OEM - $129 (i was previously still on Win 7)
Labour - $179

Total = $935

my PSU (750w) GPU (gtx1060) and peripherals (corsair brown switches, zowie fk1, benq xl2411) are all fine as they were upgraded not long ago.

Any thoughts much appreciated. trying to ensure i'm :
1) not going overboard in components . FOr instance would a lesser CPU be just as good and lesser mobo?
2) make sure prices are reasonable. they seem to be RRP so i imagine i'd only get a few bucks here and there off it.