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    Thread: MegaThread of Product Reviews, and Purchase Advice

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      25 Sep 2013
      Auckland NZ
      This is New Zealand mate...

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      26 Sep 2013
      Quote Originally Posted by Hairy_Eagle View Post
      I have this exact monitor. Its an excellent gaming monitor, easily adjustable in terms of movement and settings. It has everything you need.

      I originally ordered the Benq 2420t, pc case gear took ages to send it. I complained and they upgraded me to the 2411t. It was still $550 about 6 months ago though. Surely the price should have lowered by now, there have been a few out since that one I believe.
      That's good news because I'm thinking about getting that monitor as well

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      24 Sep 2013
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      Gonna post a review on the zowie fk in a little while, feel I've had it long enough.

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      24 Sep 2013
      NZ Auckland
      Extension upon the Ath-AD700 review/impression

      After several months, I'm ready to comment on sound quality, and how the build quality has held up.

      Keep in mind that I'm no trained audiophile, so comparing it to other headphones other than astro a40's will be impossible.

      The sound:

      You can read just about any review to tell you what they are good for, and they will be just about correct, the number one strength for these things is soundstage:

      Pinpointing enemy locations is effortless. I know plenty of headphones that give direction really well, (astros, logitech g35, general gaming headphones that sound meh at every thing else) but very rarely depth. (how far away the sound source is.) And it does make quite a difference in close quarters, where you can tell what side of the wall an enemy is going to be. In counter strike global offensive, I could almost always pinpoint enemy footsteps to around 5-10 degrees, and this can save your life once you learn to use this properly.

      This soundstage also suits music that includes many instruments, as it helps the music feel more alive, gives in more depth, and texture. And really helps with classical music, or very instrument heavy music. That said, there are a few drawbacks. And in the case of these headphones, clarity comes hand in hand with the soundstage, which is another plus.

      The open design of these headphones is a good or bad thing depending on preference, and what you need. These headphones bleed like nothing I have ever heard, and I have had a good few open headphones. I have had friends on skype tell me that they can clearly hear the words being shouted by soldiers in my game, while this issue is probably magnified by the use of a clip on mic, about 3-6 inches from the earcup, I can still hear the headphones about half as loud while they are on someone elses head. Keep this in mind if you game in the same room, or want an all purpose pair for travel, as there is no privacy to these, and they could be a public nuisance, that said, the size of them just wouldn't make them convenient for travel anyway.

      There is also another potential weakness in the bass department. There's some punchiness, which suits percussion, but the focus on soundstage, and open design drains most of the boom out. It's crisp, but not very powerful. This does help with any distractions in gaming however, and it makes these explosive noises less dominant, and could let you turn the volume up higher without fearing deafening explosion while trying to amplify footsteps.


      open headphones (subjective)


      Lack of bass
      A bit tinny sounding/not very warm sound)
      open headphones (subjective)
      terrible for travel and portability.

      So in general, if you are the demographic for theses headphones, they are amazing for the price, (No better competitive headphones for the NZ price, under 200 dollars, I got mine for $130 on special.) and some of the best headphones for comfort and soundstage there are. Period.

      If you aren't the demographic, or have to buy a pair to use on the go, there is no reason to buy these. There is no middle ground.

      If using these for gaming, I would recommend some settings though:

      A soundcard like the xonar dg, or dx would be great to get the most out of these, and control them well. but not necessary.

      I would always set them to use 2.1 stereo in drivers, it allows for much better direct quality, and seems to give better instruments separation for music. And if using optical cable/toslink, use pcm. Past there, I would recommend using home cinema, and surround, to get as many directional signals as possible. I find this allows you to gauge depth so much better than standard headphone settings, or 2.1. But your mileage may vary, and in csgo, headphone settings seem just fine, and may be better.

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