Its very rarely these days when a shooter hits the market that is a twitch based shooter and doesn't start with the name call. In saying this Titanfall really makes it mark alone being that it involves fast paced movement, wall running and some smart server implementation.

As you start of in Titanfall you are led through a training sequence which is a good way to teach players the new format it leaves no inch unturned as to how the game works or plays, it is highly unlikely that your most average first person shooter player walk out of the tutorial without the ability to spill some blood.

Among this you will want to treat yourself to titanfall's campaign mode (which is an online fully Voice acted and cutscene) rendered playlist, mainly to unlock some campaign only titans aswell as get the gist of things (generally people still rocking campaign mode are new to the franchise). Whilst campaign mode seems great on paper i couldnt see myself going back there after one playthrough as it lacks depth and replayability as the overall objectives are not dynamic and therefore are based around your average game modes (hardpoint dom, tdm,ctf ect)

You will also have the option of picking a said gametype and playing it without all the backstory to get right into the game, this also allows you to invite 5 other freinds and premake team games against another 6 players in the same skill bracket seamlessly due to the azure cloud (microsoft server integration). This makes for very quick team games with clanmates and the ability to climb the leaderboard (once integrated).

As i stated Titanfall uses a new Dedicated server technology it is mostly good fast, seamless, trouble free. the only concern is there are no azure servers located in Australia as of yet (expect them mid May). The titanfall netcode stands strong though and it is very rarely that you can blame something on the "netcode" yes even with the distance it is a much smoother experience then our current main title.

Titanfall has both pilot and mech combat, you earn the right to a mech by doing objectives/killing people its a smart system and allows for all types of players access to mech combat. There are plenty of unlockable guns,titans,loadouts all achievable through leveling and doing objectives. However dont expect anything on the level of battlefield as you will not find it here.

Overall i think titanfall deserves your money however as everything else i urge you to go out and find the lowest price. I dont think an external ladder will work however for some premade action with friends and teammates you cannot go wrong.

Quick team matches scrims
twitch based shooter
crisp experience
source engine
killing rampages are fun
Amazing netcode and Hitreg 121 tickrate
Fixed fps cap

No aus servers yet
Customization not as in depth as most shooters
Cant purchase a server
I prefer server lists
Needs more recoil
demo recorder? its a source game :S
spectator mode??