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    Thread: Clean / Optimise your PC !

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      Registered User
      CZee's Avatar
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      10 Oct 2013
      I agree they are better but try using MS cleaner after a week of PC use then see how much CCleaner and Glary picks up that MS cleaner misses.

      There is also a reason why 78,555,155 have downloaded CCleaner & 40,409,977 have downloaded Glary Utilities from CNET alone !

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      Clan Member
      Crusader-NZ's Avatar
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      24 Oct 2013
      Christchurch, NZ
      Remember that is likely to be the number of downloads, not number of people that have downloaded the program.

      Also yes I do acknowledge that CCleaner has its advantages and can also clean third party programs which MS disk cleaner cannot, but in most cases MS default programs should suffice.

      Furthermore some people get a bit "clean crazy" and frequently flush caches and temp files etc.
      Sometimes for some programs this is actually detrimental to performance, to what the user believes is a gain in a few Mb or less.

      It all really depends on what type of user you are, for example I am a user that does not often change system settings and I do not often install or uninstall programs.

      My Win8.1 setup is very stable I can leave it for weeks on end without any issues. (Never have had an issue either, just PC is eventually turned off when not needed on)
      -Origin and Steam for games.
      -WMP and VLC for video.
      -IE11 for secure browsing and banking.
      -FF for sites that do not work in IE or work better in FF.
      -Sumatara PDF from sourceforge (lightweight and faster than foxit / adobe reader)
      -Office 2013
      -Qbittorrent from sourceforge
      -File bot from sourceforge
      -Windows essentials suite

      Pretty much sorted and its very stable.

      Not even my Linux setup at work is as reliable.

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      Clan Member
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      10 Feb 2014
      Listen to Crusader fellas.

      I would also like to add, if you want to use a 3rd party cleaning tool like CCleaner (which is the only one I would recommend). Just use the one.

      I had the pleasure of cleaning up a manager's son's PC, because "It's running really slow", which had multiple "cleaning" and "backup" software installed.

      Don't be that guy.

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