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    Thread: Clan Charter

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      Question Clan Charter

      Sons of Valour Clan Charter
      Revision G (01/09/2016)

      Sons of Valour Clan Charter (henceforth referred to as 'The Charter') hereby set forth on this date 01/09/2016 by the members of the Sons of Valour High Council declares this document to be Clan Law.

      Mission Statement
      Sons of Valour (henceforth referred to as 'The Clan') is a community gaming group that is committed to providing a fun and friendly environment in which all people can socialize and enjoy themselves in a fantastic atmosphere. The core idea behind The Clan is the respect and honour that we have for each other; whether we be black, white, young or old, we all share a common interest: gaming. The Clan supports this interest by providing servers, infrastructure, and support for titles in which members of The Clan participate in, allowing both our members, and the general public a space where they can compete with and against each other. Our members are not exclusively dedicated to the one game but are also active participants in a number of other games, styles, and platforms. The Clan prides itself on the integrity of which we are held together, and as such the following rules were created to keep the well-being and enjoyment of the clan alive.

      Article 1 - Clan Behaviour and Operations
      1.1) Members of The Clan will conduct themselves with valour, honour, and integrity.
      1.2) Members of The Clan will respect other members, including their opinions and their views.
      1.3) Members of The Clan will maintain respect for members of other clans and the general public
      1.4) Any differences of opinion are to be expressed in a mature, sensible manner.
      1.5) Members of The Clan have a right to have their voice heard.
      1.6) Members of The Clan can bring to attention any matter they perceive to have negative impact on The Clan. This includes:
      1.6.1) Other members of The Clan;
      1.6.2) Members of the High Council;
      1.6.3) Members Advisory Council;
      1.6.4) Server Administrators;
      1.6.5) Scrim Captains;
      1.6.6) The operation of The Clan;
      1.6.7) The Clan's servers and forums.
      1.7) All members of The Clan have the right to an investigation by the The Leadership Team if they feel another member is being offensive or negative towards them.
      1.8) All members, regardless of position or rank, will be subject to disciplinary action in the breach of any rules contained within The Charter.
      1.9) All clan members must abide by general server rules on both clan and any other public/private servers.
      1.10) Misuse of Server Administration Permissions will result in disciplinary action.
      1.11) All players and members of The Clan's servers have the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken against them.
      1.12) Members of The Clan who are inactive for a period of more than 90 days will be classified as Inactive Members.
      1.12.1) Inactive Members will retain their membership to The Clan; however, they will not be counted in The Clan’s active roster.
      1.12.2) Members of The Clan who inform the Leadership Team of their future absence are ineligible for such classification.
      1.13) Members of the Leadership Team who are inactive for a period of 30 days without notification will be removed from the Leadership Team.
      1.13.1) Members of the Leadership Team who provide notification of their future absence are ineligible for such classification, so long as the period does not exceed 60 days.
      1.14) Full members of The Clan are not permitted to be a member of another clan.
      1.14.1) Exemptions are made for games that The Clan does not actively compete in.
      1.14.2) Exemptions are made for temporary members.
      1.15) All members of The Clan are required to wear clan-tags in games the Clan actively competes in.

      Article 2 - Clan Voting
      2.1) Members of The Clan have a right to vote on issues or changes that have a major impact on the clan.
      2.2) Members of the High Council will only vote on matters that have a minor impact on the clan
      2.2.1) All members of the High Council, regardless of position or role, will have an equal vote on all issues.
      2.2.2) In the event that a tie is reached, the Advisory Council will be called upon to vote, in the event of a further tie, the vote will then be put to the members of The Clan.
      2.3) The High Council reserves the right to veto any issue or action, provided that a majority vote is reached.
      2.4) The election of members to the High Council and Advisory Council is decided by a majority vote from all full members of The Clan.
      2.4.1) All full members of The Clan have an equal vote in this decision regardless of rank and role.

      Article 3 - Clan Roles and Responsibilities
      3.1) The Clan shall contain a Leadership Team consisting of no fewer than five High Council members and two Advisory Council members.
      3.1.1) The allocation of roles and responsibilities within the Leadership Team are to be decided upon internally
      3.2) All members of the High Council will be responsible for the operation and moderation of The Clan as a whole.
      3.3) Members of the Advisory Council will act in an advisory role to the High Council members on matters which the High Council feel that they require further input or a larger collective input.
      3.4) All members of the High Council are to have equal moderation and administrative permissions.
      3.5) All members of the Advisory Council are to have equal moderation and administrative permissions.
      3.6) When taking disciplinary action, Server Administrators should follow a Warn -> Kick -> Ban protocol.
      3.6.1) Obvious hackers are exempt from this protocol and can be immediately banned.
      3.7) All Server Administrators must record evidence (e.g. punkbuster/game screen shot, game play video etc) prior to banning any player on The Clan's servers.
      3.7.1) This applies to all bans, not just suspected hackers.
      3.8) Scrim Captains and Team Captains reserve the right to manage the operation of their team(s) at their discretion, so long as it falls within the boundaries set by The Charter and other clan or server rules.
      3.9) All members of The Clan are responsible for recruitment of new members. This includes:
      3.9.1) Recruitment in-game,
      3.9.2) Recruitment on other platforms (e.g. forums, blogs, and social media).
      3.10) Members of The Clan will not attempt to recruit potential members on platforms operated by other clans.

      Article 4 - Clan Applications
      4.1) Applications to join The Clan are to be approved only by the Head of Recruitment or any other member of the High Council.
      4.2) Successful applications to join The Clan must be based on a number of factors including:
      4.2.1) An overall positive vote by active members of The Clan,
      4.2.2) Consideration of the applicant's personality via VoIP or in-game activity,
      4.2.3) Consideration of past offences,
      4.2.4) Consideration of previous and/or current clans.
      4.3) Regardless of any relationship to members within The Clan, prospective members must go through the full recruitment process.
      4.3.1) Exceptions to this rule will be treated as a minor issue as per Article 2.2.
      4.4) Applicants who list themselves as having previously hacked in any game will be subject to a thorough investigation by the Leadership Team into the nature of their offense(s).
      4.4.1) Decisions on whether applications should advance will be treated as a minor issue as per Article 2.2.
      4.5) Under special circumstances temporary membership to the Clan may be granted for a specified time frame, following approval by the High Council.
      4.5.1) Temporary members are subject to all of the rules and procedures of The Clan, including the contents of the Clan Charter.
      4.5.2) Temporary membership may be terminated by the Leadership Team at any point.

      Article 5 - Suspension/Removal From The Clan
      5.1) Breaches of the Clan Charter are subject to appropriate disciplinary action by the Leadership Team.
      5.1.1) Ignorance is not an excuse.
      5.2) Official warnings will be handed out to Clan Members for breaches of the Clan Charter.
      5.2.1) Immediate removal will occur after a 3rd official warning
      5.2.2) Severe offenses will result in immediate removal from the clan following a majority vote by the High Council.
      5.3) Members who are found guilty of using third-party software to give an unfair advantage will be subject to immediate removal from The Clan.
      5.4) Members and former members of The Clan have the right to appeal any action taken against them by the High Council.
      5.4.1) Members of the Leadership Team will handle all appeals in an unbiased, professional manner.

      Article 6 - Donations to The Clan
      6.1) All donations made to The Clan are to only be used for the payment of The Clan's servers and operations.
      6.1.1) Payment for irregular activities must have majority vote by the High Council before proceeding.
      6.2) All donations made to The Clan are non-refundable.
      6.3) The Head of Treasury is required to post a Statement of Accounts to The Clans online forum at appropriate intervals throughout the year.

      Article 7 - Amendments to The Charter
      7.1) All members of The Clan may request or suggest a change or amendment to The Charter.
      7.2) All changes/amendments to The Charter are to be approved by the High Council before being applied.
      7.3) The Charter is subject to review at any time.
      7.4) The High Council is required to provide 48 hours notice to any changes/amendments to the Charter.
      7.4.1) All clan members have the right to appeal any amendments to the Charter.

      The Charter is not a guide but the Code of Conduct that all members, regardless of rank, title, or level in the clan must abide by. Failure to comply with The Charter will result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken at the decision of the High Council.

      High Council Signatories of The Charter:
      • drzdeano (Head of Clan Discipline and Server Administration)
      • Hairy_Eagle (Head of Recruitment)
      • IamTriggerHappy (Head of Treasury & Accounts)
      • Voltstriker (Head of Server Management and Webmaster)
      • XiSTNZ (Head of Clan Relations & Competitive Gaming)
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