Personal Information
What is your first name (optional): Nick
What is your primary gaming name: Nickaree
What is your age:24
List the games that you play:LoL, BF4
Link to your Battlelog profile:

Gaming History
Are you currently a member of another clan: No
Have you been a part of another clan in the past (list them): Yes Wolfpack (don't judge me)
Do you have any previous player names: No
Do you have any past offences: No
Please tell us about your playing style: Fast pase offencive?
Are you interested in participating in competitive Battlefield matches: Possibly if it doesn't interfere with work.

Do you have a working microphone: Yes
Do you have Teamspeak downloaded and installed: Yes

Additional Questions
How did you hear about us: High Risk / Dazz75
Do you know any members of SoV that will vouch for you: High Risk / Dazz75