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    Thread: Request to be Unbanned - Template

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      Question Request to be Unbanned - Template

      Request an Unban

      Please copy and paste the following template into a new thread and fill it out using legible English (we will not consider it if we can't read it). Please make sure that you select the Unban thread prefix when creating your request to be unbanned.

      Your Battlelog name:
      Link to your profile:
      Link to the BattleReport for the game:
      The server you were on:
      Date and time you were banned:
      Reason you were banned (include admin name, if none please state so):
      What happened that caused you to be banned:
      Explain why you were doing this:

      After copying the template, click here to create a new post. Please paste the template in there and fill it out completely.
      Any applications which are not filled out correctly will not be followed up.

      How to not do an unban request

      "Fuck yous, I DID NOTHIN WRONG. YOUR ADMINS ARE JUST CRAP your server sux. Unban me."

      Result = DENIED

      Tips for getting successfully unbanned

      • Don't make demands (remember it's you who were banned not us).
      • Be civil. If you have a good case, or you are sorry for your mistake, we will usually unban you.
      • State the facts - we don't want to hear whinging.
      • Admit your mistakes if you have made them and apologise.
      • Be patient. Our admins are not on 24/7 but will deal with your case ASAP.
      • Type clearly. Don't write in caps, dont mix letters and numbers. Use legible english.
      • Try to make a good impression. At the end of the day, we want nice people playing on our servers so we don't have to endure dramas.

      At the end of the day we don't want a heap of dramas. Needless to say they will pop up now and again in the online environment, however, if you come on here and post a civil and polite unban request, we will consider your case far more than if you were rude and insulting. We do not wan't dramas, we just want to play our games and have some fun.

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