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Will help contribute to a server providing:

1) It is going to be a large server (not interested in 32 - 16p)
2) It will be used as our recruiting grounds and play maps which are popular (so it doesn't sit there empty all day)
3) It is NOT hosted by Hypernia. I really hate that provider, their services and support are shit.

*Apologies for Ts&Cs in my support for the server, but I do have personal interests at stake in return for my support.
We appreciate that some members may have terms and conditions around donations however please note that all donations are non specific and will go towards the general operation of the clan. We cannot and will not tailor specific needs of single members, but will consult the clan as a whole and ask for feedback before making any major changes to server size, game modes etc.

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Wow. Its almost like they really do not want people to use their services.

Also will put some cash towards a server.

How much do we need?
A public server has already been purchased, and a 2nd private server will be purchased once more information on competitive game size and modes are released.


We appreciate every donation that is received.