It is with great excitement to announce the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team who will be representing Sons of Valour.

SoV has been looking into branching out into other games for some time, and with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive constantly increasing in popularity - both globally and within the clan - it made sense to look into forming a team. The SoV:CS team will pride itself on the values and team based play that saw success with Battlefield.

Initially SoV:CS team will be competing in the Cybergamer Open ladder to increase their experience and allow them time to grow into a well rounded team. We look forward to developing the team and climbing the ranks in Oceanic Counter-Strike.

The current line-up has not yet been finalised, however in the coming weeks we intend to lock down a core team with allocated roles.

Current Line up


We will be looking for some volunteers to help us with training sessions so if you are interested in helping with training and scrims, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact IamTriggerHappy or Hairy_Eagle.