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    Thread: Counter-Strike Self Improvement Guide

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      Counter-Strike Self Improvement Guide

      About This Guide

      So I thought I would have a go at writing a guide on how I practice certain aspects of CS:GO. This game is getting very popular among members and I thought it would be good to share some of my learnings so far. Some of you will learn from this, some wont.

      Most of the following guide will be talking about how to improve the technical side of Counter-Strike like aim, movement, recoil control etc. There is a bigger beast when learning Counter-Strike that is a lot harder to write a forum post about (things like, situation awareness, positioning, communication, economy management, tactics etc). Unfortunately, the best way to learn this side is by the time consuming task of reviewing your own game demos to see where you can improve, playing the game, and watching professional matches.

      How to Practice

      If you want to become good, you must practice.... everyday..... well, most days.

      I find the best way to practice is in a way where you can replicate and track/measure your improvement. The great thing about Counter-Strike is the community made maps that can be downloaded from the workshop. These maps can be customised to individual needs that focus on specific areas you would like to focus on.

      To download any of the following maps, click the link and hit subscribe (you will need to be signed into steam to do this). You load the map in game by clicking Play < Find A Game < Workshop. The maps you have subscribed to should be listed in there.

      Aim Training / Muscle Memory
      Map: training_aim_csgo2

      In this map there will be a control panel. The following are the settings I use (others remain default)

      Shots To Kill: 1
      Amount: 100
      Delay: 0.50
      Static Tar Duration: 0.50

      Select a weapon on the wall by knifing the outline. Go to level 2 and shoot the start button. This will pop up a target every half second for half a second. Try to single tap fire as many targets as you can. The game will stop after 100 targets have appeared.

      I repeat this about 10 times a day and try to better my last score.

      Recoil Control

      Map: Recoil Master

      Select a weapon on the wall, I only focus on the AK47 and the M4A4/A1-S.

      Movement Lock: On
      Ghosthair: On

      When you start spraying the weapon, the green dot (ghosthair) will move in relation to the recoil pattern of the weapon you are using at the time. Trace the green dot with your cross hair. Try to get all your bullets to land as close to the middle of the screen. Look down and press E on reset to save time reloading and restarting the spray.

      Good recoil control is a massive advantage, far greater than ability to track heads.

      I complete this about 20 times a day (when I feel satisfied my spray is tightly grouped) for both AK and M4.

      Spray Transfer
      This is really advanced stuff. I don't advise you start on this until you are really good with your aim and recoil control.

      Map: training_aim_csgo2

      Shots To Kill: 5
      Amount: 25
      Delay: 0.00
      Static Tar Duration: 2.00

      Select a weapon on the wall by knifing the outline. Go to Level 2. Shoot the Start Button. Shoot the target with a 5 bullet spray within 2 seconds, a new target will instantly appear else where on the map, continue your spray and shoot the new target 5 times. Complete this map in groups of 2.

      I complete this 5 times a day.

      Putting It All Together

      After completing my training, I then load the following map.

      Map: Aim Botz

      Using the control panel on the roof, I remove bots from 3 of the 4 walls and leave the bots static. You will need to knife the fix/add bots button on the control panel in front of you before you start.

      I then spend some time one tapping, spraying and spray transferring the bots (100 kills each) for both the AK and M4. Always always aim for a HS kill, you want to work on reducing your time to kill as low as possible.

      Then turn on the 2nd ADADAD. The bots will now move back and forward. Repeat your one taps, spray and spray transfers.

      You should also try to move between shots using the counter strafing technique.

      Spoiler Spoiler - Click to View


      Try out your new learned skills in Deathmatch (DM) - but a few pointers to remember.

      • Don't wander around aimlessly just shooting people trying to get the best KD. You should have an objective.
      • Play DM like you would a game of Matchmaking. Remember crosshair placement, positioning, and movement.
      • When you spawn imagine a real MM scenario where you either attack your way to, or defend a bomb site.
      • Pay no attention to your KD, it will only go to feeding your ego, and not help you in situations you want to improve in.
      • Don't just stick to Valve official DM servers, they are often populated with low skilled players. Play against better players and your rate of improvement will increase. Search the server browser for different types of DM (HS only, FFA, pistols, AIM maps, etc)

      List of different DM/Retake Servers - Thanks to Chrismagnum on CG
      l33t ffa - connect
      l33t dm - connect
      l33t retake - connect
      pES aim dm - connect
      pES pistol dm - connect
      pES HS Only - connect


      The best way to learn good movement is to play some modded servers in Counter-Strike.

      Search the in game server browser for

      KZ jumping maps
      Spoiler Spoiler - Click to View

      Surfing Maps
      Spoiler Spoiler - Click to View

      Bunnyhop (bhop) Maps
      Spoiler Spoiler - Click to View

      I'm serious about this, the less you have to think about your movement, the more you can concentrate on the game. Watch any pro match, their movement throughout the map is flawless.

      This guide is written by IamTriggerHappy, and contain my thoughts based on experience so far. It does not mean it is correct, just what I have found works best. Good Luck!

      If you need clarification on anything I have mentioned above, contact me on TS for a chat
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      +1 for helpful

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      Over 9000!!!
      I see you didn't link FrankieonPCin1080p's video in there... I am curious as to why you havent XD jk

      Nicely written up guide, definitely rate what is written here
      Voltstriker | Head of Clan Systems & Servers | Email | Battlelog Profile | CyberGamer Profile

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      Quote Originally Posted by Voltstriker View Post
      I see you didn't link FrankieonPCin1080p's video in there... I am curious as to why you havent XD jk

      Nicely written up guide, definitely rate what is written here
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