Before i was killed by an admin, in Conquest Large, i was being a tank gunner and with my driver going around capping flags and basically being a badass. I shot down a helicopter, and all of a sudden i was killed by an admin. i was outraged. when i asked why i was killed for no reason Mr. Elephant over here told me that i was baseraping. Not my driver. just me. i stated the fact that i wasnt baseraping that we were going around capping flags to Mr. Elephant. i did tell him to fuck off because he kept telling me that i was baseraping. and then i was kicked. i calmed down a little bit, added Elephant on Origin to have a serious talk. and then i went back to the server. when he didnt accept the request, i decided to use the in game chat. he told me i was just there to troll. and he ordered me to be quiet. i decided not to be quiet. i told him that he killed me for no reason. and then i got kicked for the second time. one more time i went back. i told him exactly what i was doing and he went into caps. telling me to shut up that he doesnt wanna hear about it and that sort of crap. he told me he died because he was typing a message to me. and i did a smiley face. he asked me ''Oh is that funny?'' i said that happened to me all the time. those were my last words on the server. he banned me for admin disrespect right after that. This is an outrage, sir. I was abused by an admin and i demand action for it. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day.