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    Thread: New SoV Counter-Strike Team Line up

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      New SoV Counter-Strike Team Line up

      Due to recent changes (forced and voluntary) the SoV:CS team has been searching for a 5th core and 2 sub positions.

      I would like to introduce and welcome Deckst to the SoV:CS team. Deckst is joining SoV as a temporary member for now and has a lot of skills and experience that we all look forward to learning from.

      If you see Deckst in teamspeak, please introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

      New Lineup

      Deckst - In Game Leader
      Danyonnnnn - Entry Fragger
      Hairy_Eagle - Support Rifler
      IamTriggerHappy - Support Rifler
      Enigs - AWP

      There are still 2 sub spots to be filled. We have had some interest and will be holding trials to fill these spots. If you are interested, please contact me. Please note that we are looking for someone with a solid background in CS who can attend training and practices regularly.


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