so i've had a Logitech G15 for a number of years now and tbh i have been ok with it...couple niggling things here and there now that the keyboard is a few years old, and also the size of the keyboard is a little large for my liking.

but i've been looking at all the current craze with the responsive clicky switches.

So i ask - are those "super-reponsive" keyboards really worth the hype , and therefore i should consider a keyboard upgrade or is it not really that much of a problem?

I predominately play FPS currently, but i do enjoy the odd strategy/RPG on occassion. CSGO and BF are my current games of choice which is why the responsiveness factor intrigued me.

ANyway i've just started doing my own research, but thought i'd tap into the brains trust that is SoV since i know a few of you have the whiz bang gear in your hot little hands already.